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All of us especially who are relevant with any mean to the field of IT, know very well about the importance of a domain name, which is actually your online identity in front of whole world market. In today era, no one could deny the importance of an online name. So, for having your business progressive you need a best and relative domain name to run your online website to acknowledge the world in what you are dealing and to make an online recognition as brand. We register about all domain name extension of the world whether one need a generic Tld or ccTld registration, you will enjoy our cheapest and competitive domain name prices in UAE and the best technical support after sale. Find your required domain and be ready to go online to enhance the influence and popularity of your goods or whatever you want to show off the world.

  • Register any domain name in UAE, Country code domain name, Common domain name, Popular domain name and new domain are available here.
  • With our Domain Privacy features you can protect or hide personal information from your WHOIS. No one can catch you by checking your domain WHOIS information except you.
  • Register any domain name instantly, your domain identity would yours as soon as after confirmation of Payment. Be sure that your domain is available for register

Hot Popular Domains

Here are list of some most common domain extension, you might select any of them available for registration at UAESOL, oldest domain registration company in UAE.


$11.99 | 44 AED
Most Common domain name


$49.99 | 195 AED
Country domain for UAE


$19.99 | 74 AED
Perfect personal domain


$79.99 | 295 AED
Qatari country domain


$11.99 | 44 AED
Popular domain extension


$11.99 | 44 AED
Popular domain name


$11.99 | 44 AED
Domain for organizations


$11.99 | 44 AED
Perfect business domain


$17.99 | 66 AED
Indian country domain


$29.99 | 110 AED
Russian Country domain


$32.99 | 122 AED
Pakistani Country domain


$359.99 | 1322 AED
Kuwaiti country domain


$199.99 | 735 AED
Omani country domain


$97.99 | 360 AED
Irish country domain


$299.99 | 1102 AED
South African country domain


$13.99 | 52 AED
European domain extension


$33.99 | 125 AED
Commonly used Television Industry domain


$32.99 | 122 AED
Colombian Country Domain

$12.99 | 48 AED
Country domain for England


$34.99 | 129 AED
Country domain for Canada


$27.99 | 103 AED
County domain for Germany


$44.99 | 166 AED
Country domain for Italy


$49.99 | 184 AED
Country domain for Sweden


$31.99 | 118 AED
Country domain for France


$18.99 | 66 AED
American Country domain


$69.99 | 257 AED
Japanese Country domain


$91.99 | 338 AED
Australian country domain


$34.99 | 129 AED
Popular new domain extension

* Price for 2 Years domain name registration as specific registries only allow to register at least for 2 years, not lesser.

UAE Domain Name Features

Registering with top domain registration company in UAE said to be a difficult task but now no more with UAESOL, These Features would convince you to get register your any domain name in UAE with us.

Domain Privacy Feature

Basically a domain privacy is represent your WHOIS protection, So by using Our Domain Privacy features you can protect or hide personal information from your WHOIS. No one can catch you by checking your domain WHOIS information. Its optional with our domains you can get it from us in UAE.

URL Forwarding Features

URL Forwarding are used to represent your website under more than one URLs. It helps to redirect your website with different URLs. This feature is very helpful to link your website with your social media and other blogging website you are running. In additional you can do much more let do this now.

Quick Registration

We hold a record of register a domain name within 30 minutes in United Arab Emirate (UAE). After confirmation of our client’s payment for specific domain name we will register his/her desired domain within hour. So, you can get your domain as soon as after confirmation of Payment. Be sure that your domain is available for register.

Email Forwarding Feature

By using our Email Forwarding Features on domains you can get your incoming emails on your desired email addresses. When someone try to send you an email on your forwarded email address then our server will redirect these emails to your specific email address you mentioned during its setting. Its easy to get emails from different location to one place.

DNS Management Features

We are only in United Arab Emirates who are providing domain registration with DNS Management Features. By using this features you can configure your domain name to any hosting provider by updating its Domain Name Servers (DNS). Ins additional you can configure A Records, CNAME Records and MX Records easily through it.

Subdomain Management Features

Want to add more websites on your current domain name? We make it easy now with our sub domain management system. Now you can create easily managed, memorable destination on your domain by using our subdomain management.

Most Asked Domain related Questions

We have answered some most common web hosting questions as well as Domain registration question. Perhaps question that you have in your remind has answer below. But, if you still need to asking about web hosting, servers, DNS or or data centers, contact our consultant, they are available 24/7 on email, drop your query here:

AE Domain Whois Search

Along with the facility of registering any domain name, we also allow a whois query search to determine all relevant facts regarding the ownership, name servers and registrant details to verify the ownership or to confirm about the expiry of ae domain or any worldly domain. You may run whois query from Here: AE WHOIS SEARCH

How To register a Domain Name?

Before Register a domain name you must have a well-designed and well developed website with full functionality. Because a domain name is nothing without a website on it and without any web hosting package. But you can register a domain name at any time. You cannot register a domain name for you, you must find some domain registrar in UAE to register your desired domain name for you.

Now we will provide you some simple steps to register your desired domain name with UAESOL in very low rates in United Arab Emirates:

  1. First of all you have to choose a desired domain name with a specific domain extensions like .ae, .com, .org etc.
  2. Your domain name is according to terms & Condition of your required domain extension. Like you can register a .ae domain name Have minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters.
  3. Now you have to check the availability of your domain name by click here, if your domain name is available then you can proceed with order.
  4. In addition, you can contact us by sending us message at Email US or by submitting a query at UAESOL to register a domain name for you.

Can I Register a .AE domain name for more than 1 years?

Yes, you can register a .AE domain name and all other domain name for minimum one year and for maximum 10 years.

How do I renew my domains?

You can renew your domain name as soon as possible before its expiration. If your domain name is register with us then you have to send us an email at and also pay us for renewal, so after confirmation of payment we will renew your domain name immediately.

Do I need a domain name to have a website?

Without a domain name and hosting your website is nothing. So you have to get a domain name for your website to make it live in the world of internet.

How do I Transfer a .AE domain name to UAESOL?

You can transfer your .ae domain name now in very very easy steps to our domain panels. .ae Domain Administration (aeDA) allow everyone to transfer your any type of ae domain name from one registrar to another. If you want to transfer your domain to us then you have to follow some simple steps mentioned below

  1. For beginning the transfer process you have to get the EPP Code (Password) or auth info from your current registrar in additional you can get your password personally from It will send your code in hape of file on your registered email address.
  2. After receiving your password against any domain you have to visit our .ae domain transfer page by clicking here.
  3. You have to provide your Domain name and EPP Code to begin transfer process. It take minimum 24-48 hours to live your domain name again on UAESOL Client area.
  4. We never charge our newly clients to transfer their domain name to us but you have to pay for renewal or further registration with us.
  5. You have to told your old registrar about this transfer, but its not necessary because he/she cannot do anything with your domain now.
  6. If you are facing any problem while transferring your .ae domain name to us then you can contact us at or submit a query on our contact us page.

Domain Name Registration Company Dubai, UAE

Looking for cheap domain name registration services in UAE with top rated features along with the high quality and instant domain name support register any domain with us. We assure to respond our domain registration client with instant services after confirmation of domain availability. Plenty of reasons over there to choose us in UAE as your domain registrar some are listed below.

AE Domain Price

UAESOL is one of the best Domain & Hosting Company in UAE, Middle East, Sell AE domain in price of Just US$50/1Yr, also deals with very low and very cheap prices Top Level Domain Name and Country Code Domain name in UAE. UAESOL is a big reseller of all type of Top Level Domains (TLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). You can buy any kind of Top Level Domains (TLDs) like .Com domain, .Net domain, .Org domain, .Biz domain, .Info domain, domain and all others. UAESOL is also one of top 10 reseller of Arab Emirates Domain Administration (aeDA). United Arab Emirates Solution is providing all type of local domains of United Arab Emirates like .AE domain name, domain name, Domain, domain name, domain name, domain name, domain name, domain name and domain name.

Why Choose UAESOL as your Domain Registrar?

As we know that Domain name represent the actual and the unique name of your website over the world of internet. If you are facing problem to choose the best domain name for your website then you can contact with United Arab Emirates solution. UAESOL is available 24/7/365 to help and to provide the full technical support to our customers. Our well experienced and qualified team will help you and guide you in right manners to choose a suitable name for your website appearance over internet. UAESOL is taking no charges to provide the technical support regarding registration, renewal, transfer, technical or documents support. We provide full access of our all clients to their domain panel on their demands so then they can easilymake transfer their domains or handle it professionally.